DRIFTING COMPASS is a high-energy rock band made up of Santa Cruz area musicians with many years of performance experience. The all-original rock music is filled with memorable lyrics and catchy hooks, blending into a unique yet hauntingly familiar style. The result is powerful and infectious!

Singer-songwriter Dave "Nomad" Miller spent years on the road performing as a solo artist. Those travels and adventures back and forth across the country helped shape his songwriting. The songs are filled with thought-provoking lyrics and great melodies that linger in one's head. After seven years on the road, Nomad decided to expand his music into a full band setting once again and formed Drifting Compass.

With Jeff Miller's smokin' leads, Dana Young's thumpin' bass guitar grooves, and Jeff Smits with his powerhouse drumming, all combined with Nomad's acoustic-driven rhythms and original songs, Drifting Compass creates original music in the vein of Alternative-Rock and Grungy-Americana.

Drifting Compass released their first EP "Grains Of Sand" in 2015, which was self-recorded and self-produced. In 2016, they released their second EP "Grit", which was recorded at the highly acclaimed Gadgetbox Recording Studio in Santa Cruz. They've shared shows with national acts like Reckless Kelly and others while regularly pleasing crowds with their live performances throughout the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay areas!

Dave "Nomad" Miller - Guitar, Lead Vocals        
         Jeff Miller - Lead Guitar, Vocals

    Dana Young - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Smits - Drums, Vocals